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Our top 5 marketplaces for selling online

From selling unwanted items online to starting up a business, there’s a lot of choice when it comes to online marketplaces, so where should you start? 

Below are our top five most popular UK marketplaces to sell your goods.


A leading e-retailer, Amazon boasts over 184 million unique monthly visitors to its sites. One of the best things about Amazon is that it provides great credibility for new brands selling online and, of course, it offers great exposure with its huge amounts of web traffic.  There’s also an Amazon app, which encourages more people to buy online more often – and makes it easy for them to do so from any device with just a few clicks.

Do watch out for its high fees, though – you’ll need to look carefully at the cost-benefit ratio.

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Offering both new and used products, eBay provides an auction format for selling and has also recently added the option to include a Buy It Now service. Current stats show that eBay has 167 million active buyers worldwide, and – like Amazon – they also have an app.

There are usually some good offers available for new sellers, including free listings, so check those out before you start.  There are also ways to promote your services so they stand out – you can pay to create a ‘featured’ item, for example. Beware, thought, that it’s a crowded marketplace, with lots of competition – particularly if you have a popular product to sell.  

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One of the UK’s leading platforms for classified ads, Gumtree focuses on the sale of used items. Listings are free (although there are some options for paid-for listings), with buyers contacting you directly about purchasing. 

Gumtree is great for getting rid of unwanted items and it is mostly focused on one-off sales, rather than an ongoing business. Gumtree has suffered somewhat in terms of buyer trust, thanks to past issues with fraud, but confidence seems to be returning.

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A reputation for hand-made, unique items and 26.1 million active buyers makes Etsy a popular forum for small businesses wanting to reach a worldwide audience. 

This platform allows users to open an Etsy shop, which gives their offering immediate credibility. Using a fixed price model, which allows easy tracking of overheads, Etsy was recently voted one of the easiest online marketplaces to use.

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Not on the highstreet (NOTHS)

Another curated marketplace for small businesses, in 2016 the site had more than 2.7 million shoppers, with SMEs shipping to more than 150 countries.  NOTHS has a ‘best kept secret’ feel that helps endorse shoppers’ instincts for searching out just the right item amongst its mix of jewellery, fashion, homewares and food.  


Whether you’re a business that’s looking to start selling your products online, or you’ve just cleared out your garage, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to online marketplaces.  And once you’ve made that sale, check out our Deliverease service for fast, easy, reliable parcel delivery that will keep your customers smiling. 

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Happy selling!

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