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Top tips for efficient shipping – a guide for SMEs

The delivery of your products to customers is a fundamental and highly visible part of your company’s service. Done well, it can act as a business card to strengthen your brand’s reputation. But done badly, it can negatively affect your brand’s reputation and, ultimately, your bottom line.

This is why you need a targeted strategy that guarantees an effective end-to-end service that helps you gain and retain customers.

Pack and ship for e-commerce: 4 simple steps


The shipment of goods is a complex process. Navigating it successfully can be a challenge for start-ups or smaller companies, but these simple steps can help get you off on the right foot:

1. Packing: Let’s start with the basics. The way you present your products is a crucial part of the customer experience. As much as the quality of your goods, it can affect your online ratings and reviews, so ignore it at your peril. Differentiate your brand and stand out from the competition with personalised packaging, while ensuring you respect the environment with sustainable boxes and bags.

2. Packaging materials: Effective packing guarantees the secure transit of your goods. There are many options for protecting your products, including boxes and envelopes, padded or otherwise, custom packaging for particularly fragile items, void fill chips to stop items moving inside their packing and of course adhesive tape to seal your parcel.

3. Check the address: Make sure you check that the order is correct and that you have the right street address and house number before you download the waybill.

4. Labelling: If you’re managing a significant volume of orders, printed labels are the best solution. Your e-commerce platform might include a label generator to print the destination address as items are picked and packed, so all you have to do is stick them onto your packages.

In fact, MBE can manage the entire process, from storage, pick and pack to packaging and worldwide delivery. Just ask your nearest MBE centre or enquire online.

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