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Here’s my card

Why business cards still matter

There are so many more ways to promote your business now than there were, say, 15 years ago.  Back then, the social space was largely unexplored, and it was to be some time before businesses boldly went where consumers were confidently posting.  

Websites were more like online brochures, with no personalisation or analytics, no feedback or interaction – just the same old one-way, ‘We’ve made this now we’re going to tell you why you want to buy it’ approach, only online rather than in print.  Remarketing was unheard of – unless it meant simply posting your brochure to the same person more than once.


Now we see serious businesses selling via Instagram, personalised marketing that seems to know what you had for breakfast, and countless consumer touch points waiting to be exploited every day, but some things haven’t changed.  

Getting out there and meeting people is still key to building a network of contacts, and seeing customers face-to-face is still crucial to clinching deals and nurturing business relationships.

Which brings us to the point of this blog: business cards still matter.  People still exchange business cards at networking events, still ask people for their card after an introduction or a sales call.  All sorts of organisations use business cards – from rock bands, landscape gardeners to make-up artists.

Stick around

We tend to keep business cards because they’re small enough to be portable but big enough to act as excellent reminders.  They sit patiently on the kitchen notice-board until we need that plumber, cake maker or taxi to the airport.  And if they’re beautifully produced on premium card, not only are they eye-catching but we also feel a little bit mean if we throw them away.  So they tend to stick around.  And, as any marketer will tell you, being ‘sticky’ is a very desirable trait because it means you’re memorable.

Show off your brand

Our business cards can be anything you want them to be.  Use one side for your contact details and then showcase your logo or some beautiful imagery of your products on the other side – in full colour or black and white.  Or use them as appointment cards – a great way to make sure your customers always have your details to hand.


So, if you’re starting from scratch, talk to our in-store experts about graphic design, layout and style and ask to handle the samples. Let the quality speak for itself with our 450gsm card stock and add your choice of finishes, from gloss or matt laminate to rounded corners and digital embossing for an upmarket feel.

Need some inspiration?

We created these sumptuous, high-end business cards for our franchisees to use when networking, or to give to customers.  Designed to showcase our high-quality print solutions with rich and deep colour, as well as celebrating the release of Men In Black™: International movie, only at cinemas, they’re striking, stand-out and personalised to each individual store.

Like what you see? Ask us how you can get the same look or create something equally impactful that reflects your brand’s unique style.

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