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Hands up who misses the office?

It’s back to work – but not as we know it. If getting back to work this January means firing up the laptop and deciding whether or not to stay in your PJs, you could be forgiven for feeling a little wistful for the companionship and support you once took for granted in your workplace.

In past years, going back to work meant getting the New Year underway, starting afresh and reconnecting with colleagues. This year, things are going to feel rather different, but that doesn’t mean you have to do without the support you’re used to.

And even if your business has always been based at home, there are still ways to get some buzz into your working week and make 2021 the year that sees your business’s reach and reputation grow.

The support system you need

Whether you want the ease and simplicity of print and copy on demand, or post, parcel and courier services from trusted global providers, we’re here to give you essential business back-up.

Take our contactless copying, for example. While we love to see our customers face-to-face, we also understand that in the current circumstances you want services at the click of a mouse. If you’ve run out of paper or expensive toner cartridges, or your home printer is struggling to cope, use ours instead. Just email us your file, or upload your artwork, tell us the quantities and specifications you need, and we’ll print it in digital colour or black and white. We also bind and laminate, and we can deliver it back to you by post or courier. Ask about our design services too.

Missing the mailroom? If you’re planning a mailout but don’t want to stand in a queue with your post, we offer everything from Royal Mail stamps to printing, folding, sealing, weighing, franking and sending mailshots on your behalf.

Need to send urgent documents, packages or parcels? Concerned about customs rules for overseas shipments now Brexit is a reality? Relax – you can rely on our in-store experts to handle everything on your behalf. We offer a choice of trusted global couriers, including UPS, FedEx, Parcelforce Worldwide and DHL, and our experts know all about customs regulations and country-specific requirements. If you need packaging materials, we’ve got plenty in-store, or we’ll pack for you. We’ll collect from you if that’s easier, too. And for extra peace of mind, our Enhanced Cover compensation scheme offers added protection.

Boost your business, with a little help from MBE

If your business is based at home, why not widen your horizons in 2021 with a virtual office solution? Choose from more than 150 professional ‘high street’ addresses across the UK and Ireland, and keep your business and home lives separate. We’ll accept your mail and signed-for deliveries from any carrier, and we’ll hold your post and parcels until you can safely collect them, or we can forward them to any address worldwide.

But perhaps the best bit is that you get to grow your business’s reputation with a prestigious address that you can use on your company stationery, business cards, website and directory listings. A professional address lets everyone know your organisation is a force to be reckoned with – something that’s crucial for freelancers and consultants who are competing with bigger firms.

A virtual office solution wraps up all our business support services into a one-stop package for all the back-up you need. And our expertise comes as standard.

Click here to find out more, or call your local Mail Boxes Etc. store today.

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