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Tips for effectively managing e-commerce shipping and logistics

Shipping is a double-edged sword for e-commerce but, when managed well, it can be the key factor that distinguishes you from the competition and maximises customer retention.

If shipping isn’t managed correctly, however, it can become the weak link in your strategy. Good planning is the starting point in creating an efficient system. Beyond the more technical aspects like choosing the right software platform, it’s important to master the management of orders, warehousing and logistics.

A key aspect of both pre- and post-sales for your business is logistics. How will your products get from you to the customer? How will you manage returns? What delivery times will you offer and how can you guarantee them? Understandably in our ‘always on’ society, customers care about the quality of the delivery service provided by e-commerce stores. And their opinions can reflect your bottom line, because the reviews they leave on your website will impact on others’ purchasing decisions.

That’s why it’s vital to choose an experienced delivery partner like MBE. Our centres can manage the logistics and shipping-related aspects of your e-commerce operation – from inbound quantitative and qualitative controls and inventory monitoring to assembling, packing and shipping products sold online and taking care of returns, both UK and worldwide.

1. Packing and sustainability

The way you pack and present your products is increasingly important in terms of brand recognition and reputation and can strongly influence shopper experience. Branded, eco-sustainable packaging is an effective marketing tool; a cost-effective investment that will help strengthen your brand image and garner positive customer reviews. MBE centres can create customised pack and ship solutions for your business, from assembling an order to the optional inclusion of promotional material such as flyers and samples. We’ll use the most efficient and protective packaging techniques and materials to save you time and reduce the risk of damage during shipment. The result is a reliable and professional service for your customers, with added sustainability credentials.

2. Compensation cover

For extra peace of mind, particularly for the shipment of fragile or high-value goods, you can offer your customers compensation cover that provides protection in the event of loss or damage during transport. With MBE CoverProtect, when we pack the items on your behalf the value of the goods and shipment is covered from the time of collection right through to delivery.

3. Customer service

Never underestimate the importance of a friendly, effective customer service team. Offer your customers more than one way to contact you, and make sure their experience is never less than great. They should be able to intervene promptly in the event of delays to deliveries or loss of goods in transit. A well-handled customer complaint can actually improve customer loyalty.

To make the most of your e-commerce logistics, you can count on MBE Solutions to give your online business that extra edge.

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