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Why choose a Mail Boxes Etc. franchise?

Here are just a few more reasons why a Mail Boxes Etc, franchise gives you the best chance of long-term success.

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Mail Boxes Etc. business model strengths:

Committed to finding the best location for your business of one of the

Retail franchises tend to have a higher start-up cost due to the location of business operations, which can often be in high-street positions. However, location is key. You must select the best position for your business to attract the highest number of customers. The more support you get from your franchisor to do this, the better start your new business will have.

With our in-depth knowledge of the market, business opportunities and store characteristics, we will help you find the right location for your new Mail Boxes Etc. store. Together we'll be looking for a site that puts you right in the heart of your local business community and is well placed to attract passers- by too. Once the perfect store has been found, we'll help you to negotiate the business terms of your lease and advise on fitting out the premises.

A multi-faceted revenue model

Most companies rely on repeat business for their income and in retail, it is no different. To ensure the best chance of repeat business, it helps if your chosen retail franchise appeals to more than one market and offers more than just one product or service.

Mail Boxes Etc. is a one-stop concept that offers a mix of different services to help meet people's everyday needs. Our customers range from members of the general public to small businesses, students, overseas visitors and the art and antiques sector. They turn to us because we are there on the high street, ready and waiting to provide them with help, expertise and face-to-face customer care for a truly personal service.

Ready to innovate

The retail market has been widely recognised as a challenging sector over recent years, and it is only with the vision to meet those challenges head-on and to innovate that a retail business will thrive.

At Mail Boxes Etc. we make sure our franchisees move with the times and stay on top of developing technology. Recognising a change in buying habits over the last decade, we have developed a strong online presence to allow customers to access our services remotely as well as in person. Many services can be purchased online and customers can easily contact stores digitally to receive automatic or bespoke quotes.

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