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Why choose a Mail Boxes Etc. franchise?

Here are just a few more reasons why a Mail Boxes Etc, franchise gives you the best chance of long-term success.

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Mail Boxes Etc. business model strengths:

Collect, Pack and Ship
As a Mail Boxes Etc. franchisee you will become an expert in providing logistics solutions to customers, meeting the needs of businesses and consumers alike. You will offer expert packaging services, as well as guiding customers to select from a range of UK and worldwide delivery services for post, parcels and freight. Working with our global partners, you'll become part of the only national network of full service 'Pack & Ship' stores approved by UPS, Parcelforce Worldwide, Royal Mail, DHL and FedEx.

Design, Print and Copy
As a printer on the high street, you will offer a range of design, print and digital copying solutions, ranging from business cards, flyers and posters, to the printing and binding of student dissertations and theses.

Mailbox and Virtual Office solutions
Your mailbox service offering will allow local businesses and private individuals the flexibility to work from home while basing their business at your address. Take a tour of our website to find out more about the services our franchisees offer customers worldwide!

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