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Press articles

The following articles have been published in various regional and national franchise press as well as online.

Mail Boxes Etc. celebrates 21 years in the UK

Whichever way you look at it, a 21st birthday is a milestone, and champagne corks are popping as one of the world’s largest retail franchises, Mail Boxes Etc., celebrates 21 years in the UK. Coming of age also means taking a little time for reflection, a chance to look back at the development ...

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“A day in the life of Justin Brookes” Oxford franchisee, Mail Boxes Etc.

“I love the variety of my business and every day is different,” says Justin Brookes, who owns two Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) stores in Oxford. “My working day begins with a pleasant drive with my wife from the pretty Cotswold village where we live to the middle of Oxford where we both ...

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Questions a prospective franchisee should ask a franchisor

Ethical franchisors will provide clear and detailed information, written in plain English, to prospective franchisees so, in theory, there should be little need for them to ask many questions. That having been said, individual prospective franchisees each have different circumstances.Any concerns ...

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Print and Promotional Franchises

Specialist franchise Mail Boxes Etc. offers a wide and diverse range of print, promotional and communications services to all types of business and the general public. Offering so many different services ensures there is great variety in-store every working day. “There’s never a dull ...

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Winning Mail Boxes Etc. Franchisee has stores in Watford and Milton Keynes

Daniel Scott is Mail Boxes Etc., joint “Franchisee of the year”. When he discovered the franchise he says he instantly recognised an opportunity that would enable him to have his own business – but many years earlier than he had thought possible. He had always been inspired by his ...

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Mail Boxes Etc. Edinburgh - the value of shared ownership and running multiple stores

The day to day running of the stores is shared and each partner assumes responsibilities for different areas of the business. Dag is based at South Bridge, the store which handles a large share of the packing and shipping business. Mike and John-Eirik are at Morningside and also concentrate on business ...

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